6 Month Smiles

Those looking for a perfect smile in a short space of time may wish to consider the 6 Month Smiles treatment. While traditional braces may have to be worn for up to three years, practitioners claim that this brace cuts treatment time down by 75%, to between 5-12 months.

How much does the 6 month smiles treatment cost

Depending on the practitioner, the complexity of the treatment, number of appointments required the treatment usually costs between £1800-3000.

Case study courtesy of Dr Anoop Maini
Case study courtesy of Dr Anoop Maini

Suitability for 6 Month Smiles

The 6 Month Smiles treatment only focuses on aligning the teeth you show when you smile. So this is why the treatment is much faster than traditional braces treatments. It is not suitable for those with severe orthodontic problems, or who wish to correct the back teeth. The brace may be used to treat things like spacing, overcrowding, overlapping teeth and alignment issues. Your dentist will be able to advise whether treatment is suitable for you at a consultation.

What does the 6 Month Smiles brace look like?

The brace consists of small brackets and wires that are tooth-coloured, so that from a distance they will be almost invisible. They are more visible than clear braces such as Invisalign, but treatment takes less time with 6 Month Smiles and it is half the cost.


You may experience some discomfort when the brace is first fitted, as with any brace. If you experience mild pain you may wish to take mild painkillers such as ibuprofen. Any discomfort will ease once you have become accustomed to wearing your brace within a few days. If you experience a lot of pain please contact your dentist.

Speech may be affected in the first week of wearing the brace, and you may produce more saliva, but again this will improve once you have become accustomed to the brace.

Cleaning your teeth may also become more difficult while wearing the 6 Month Smiles brace. Your hygienist will be able to advise you on a suitable oral hygiene routine.


On your initial visit, your dentist will examine your smile, taking photographs and X-rays to determine if the treatment is suitable for you. You should also be given an indication of treatment time and cost. It is advisable to ask your dentist if retainers are included in the price, as you will have to wear a retainer after treatment to stop teeth returning to their original position.

Once you have decided that the 6 Month Smiles brace is the right brace for you, your dentist will fit the brace. It would be advisable that you choose a dentist within a reasonable distance as you will need to visit them every 4-5 weeks for adjustments. These adjustment sessions should only take 10-15 minutes each.

Things to remember

  • 6 Month Smiles only correct the teeth that show when you smile, so do not correct severe problems.
  • Find a 6 Month Smiles certified provider close to home.
  • Ask if a retainer is included in the price.
  • If you experience severe discomfort, contact your dentist.

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