STb Lingual Braces

STb Lingual braces are designed to help people with eating and speech problems, the brackets situated on the back of the teeth are much thinner than on other lingual braces, making treatment less intrusive. The social 6 STb system only focuses on the front 6 teeth that show when you smile and offers a rapid solution to crooked teeth. These braces are claimed to give results in months or even weeks.

How much do STb lingual braces cost?

These braces usually cost around £2000, though this will vary according to the extent of alignment required and the practitioner. As the brackets for this brace cannot be mass produced, this makes lingual braces more expensive than traditional braces.

How does the STb lingual brace work?

The STb lingual brace works in the same way as other lingual braces. The brackets and wire are attached to the back surfaces of the anterior teeth, rather than the front, giving the impression that you are not wearing a brace. Your teeth are then slowly guided into position.

Suitability for a STb lingual brace

STb lingual braces are suitable for those who suffer from overcrowding and slight gaps between teeth. You may wish to consider an STb lingual brace if you are not suitable for aligner treatment because you require a higher level of control on your teeth. STb lingual braces are not suitable for children with milk teeth, the adult teeth must be fully developed.

What does a STb lingual brace look like?

As the brace is hidden behind your teeth, it will look like you are not wearing a brace. You will notice the improvement of your smile over a short period of time, but will not have to see unattractive metal brackets or wires.


The STb lingual brace is more comfortable than normal lingual braces. The brackets have been designed to have a smaller profile, making speech and swallowing much easier. This should also reduce the likelihood of irritating your tongue. You should adjust to your new brace in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Dental hygiene may be an issue with STb lingual braces, like with any lingual brace. Food may become trapped on your brace, and you will be unable to see it. However, your orthodontist will recommend a detailed dental hygiene regime to reduce the risks of tooth decay.


The braces are fitted in the same way as normal lingual brackets. Your orthodontist will take a mould of your teeth, from which the brackets will be designed so that they fit perfectly to the back of your teeth. These brackets will be cemented to the backs of your teeth, and the wire will be threaded through.

Treatment is usually expected to take up to 16 weeks to complete but the exact timescale will depend on the individual case and you will be given an indication of likely timescales during your initial consultation.

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